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Halloween Ghost Cupcakes

These ghost cupcakes are such cuties and so easy to make. They are perfect for Halloween. Kids and adults will love them just as much.

I used vanilla cupcakes, with vanilla buttercream, but you can use whatever flavor you like. We have a white, black and gold color palette for these, with little pops of red. For details, I added red bows on 3 ghosts and black masks on 3 of them, a reflection of the times we are living in!

Even though they are Ghosts they are not scary or spooky, just plain adorable! They will put a smile on anybody’s face. How nice is that?!

Total Time:

  • Prep time 20 mins

  • Drying time 30 mins

  • Total time 50 mins

Serves 6


  • Rolling Pin

  • Bow Mold

  • 2 ½ inch and 4 inch round cookie cutters

  • Black Edible Marker

  • Small Paint Brush


  • 6 cupcakes (Flavor of your choice)

  • Buttercream for icing cupcakes

  • 6 Lollipops

  • 4 Oz Gold Sprinkles

  • 1 lb White Fondant

  • Little Bit of Red and Black Fondant

  • Pink Petal Dust

  • Corn starch for dusting


  • Ice the cupcakes with the buttercream

  • Gently press in some sprinkles on the sides

  • Dust your surface with some Corn starch

  • Roll out the white Fondant

  • Cut out 6, 2 ½inch circles and 6, 4inch circles

  • Cover the Lollipops with the small circles, and place them in the center of the cupcakes

  • Gently lay the bigger circle on top of the Lollipop and it will naturally fall into a ghost shape

  • Let this dry for 30 min

  • With the edible marker draw in the eyes and mouth

  • Brush some Pink Petal dust on to the cheeks of 3 of the ghosts

  • Take some red fondant. Dust the Bow mold with some Corn starch so it does not stick

  • Push the fondant into the mold and gently take out

  • With a little dab of water, place it on 3 ghost’s heads

  • To make the masks, Roll out the Black Fondant, cut out a little rectangle. Score some horizontal lines on it with the back of a knife

  • Dab some water on the ends of the rectangle and place it on the ghost under the eyes

  • With the edible marker you can draw in some straps on both sides of the mask


Some helpful tips:

  • If the ghosts are floating to high after you put the big circle on them, you can trim the lollipop

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